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GamesUnruly Heroes [Update 2] (2019) SpaceX

Unruly Heroes  [Update 2] (2019) SpaceX
Unruly Heroes [Update 2] (2019) PC | RePack by SpaceX |Size: 1.48 GB
Release Date : January 23, 2019
Genre : Action , 3D , Arcade
Developer : Magic Design Studios
Publisher : Magic Design Studios
Version : 1.48
Interface Language : Multi
Tablet : Present (CODEX)

Unrestrained action, martial arts, Monkey King and much more! The sacred scroll, preserving the harmony of our world, was torn, and the wind carried off its pieces. Now strange and terrible creatures sow discord and chaos in the world. Only four incredible and completely different heroes can stop the evil: the wise Xuanzang, the fearless monkey Wukong, the greedy pig Bajie and the sensitive brute Sha-sen. On the way to the west, they will pass through fantastic worlds in order to fight an army of evil creatures and by all means gather scraps of the scroll!

Update 2 (v20190201)
Below you CAN the the find a CHANGELOG:

- the Fixed an issue Preventing players to the RESOLVE a puzzle in the level "of The Ascent" the if the player WAS Heavily of backtracking the after Reaching a the checkpoint (a statue of Wukong WAS missing).
- The songs were missing from "The Ascent"; "Fiery Flight" and "Belly of the Beast".

- Kihong \ 's Fixed Issue
- Fixed an issue on the UI.
- Fixed an issue for PVP Online mode.
- Fixed an issue to prevent the game to display "

- Kihong \ 's Fixed Issue
- Fixed an issue on the UI.
- Fixed an issue for PVP Online mode.
- Fixed an issue "P2" above players' character.

System Requirements:
System requirements :
Operating system : Windows 7+
Processor : 3 GHz
RAM : 4 GB
Video card : DirectX 11, Geforce 650
Disk space : 4 GB

шаблоны для dle 11.2
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